Cricket World Cup: Australia’s Pat Cummins Shines, Spoils India’s Party in Ahmedabad

Cricket World Cup

In Ahmedabad, Australia’s Pat Cummins once again delivered a stellar performance, dampening India’s celebratory spirits at the Cricket World Cup.

Cricket World Cup

The cricketing world was set ablaze as Pat Cummins, the accidental captain, led Australia to a stunning Cricket World Cup victory in Ahmedabad. This unexpected triumph marked the culmination of a remarkable six-month journey, including a World Test Championship crown, a retained Ashes in England, and now, a sixth Cricket World Cup title. In this blog post, we unravel the intricacies of this memorable win and delve into the unique leadership style of Pat Cummins.

The Unconventional Path to Captaincy

1. A Captaincy Born from Adversity

Pat Cummins, a 30-year-old cricketer, found himself thrust into the captain’s role after Tim Paine’s resignation following a sex scandal. The hurried nature of his appointment forced Cummins to revise fielding positions on the eve of his first Test as captain.

2. From Accident to Intention

Despite the unexpected circumstances, Cummins transformed into a calm and well-mannered captain with a business degree, making winning a central part of his leadership. The victory in Ahmedabad solidifies his place among Australia’s greatest leaders.

Mastering the Art of Captaincy

3. Tactical Brilliance on Display

Cummins surprised observers by choosing to bowl after winning the toss, setting the tone for a masterful tactical display. With 22 bowling switches, he outclassed other captains, strategically restricting India’s batting lineup.

4. Leadership on the Frontlines

What makes Cummins’ captaincy exceptional is his ability to seamlessly switch between being a foot soldier and a leader. His dual role was evident in crucial moments, whether as a bowler clinching wickets or as a captain guiding the team.

Crucial Moments in the Cricket World Cup Final

5. Travis Head’s Heroics

While Travis Head’s magnificent century will grab headlines, it was Cummins’ captaincy that orchestrated the party-pooping smash and grab. Head’s 137 runs in 120 balls played a pivotal role in chasing down 241 runs.

6. Kohli’s Resistance and Cummins’ Breakthrough

Virat Kohli, a cricketing icon in India, fought valiantly for 54 runs. However, Cummins’ crucial removal of Kohli shifted the momentum in Australia’s favor, leaving the vast Narendra Modi Stadium in stunned silence.

The Victory and its Impact

7. Gatecrashing India’s Cricket World Cup Party

Australia, by securing victory with seven overs to spare, not only embarrassed the dominant Indian team but also gatecrashed their celebration in front of 93,000 fans. Prime Minister Modi awkwardly handed Cummins the trophy as the Aussie skipper grinned.

8. A Pinnacle Moment

For Cummins, this Cricket World Cup win surpasses even his two Ashes victories or the T20 World Cup. Winning in front of an enthusiastic Indian crowd made it the pinnacle of international cricket for him.

The Man Behind the Cricket World Cup Moment

9. Cummins’ Perspective

Reflecting on the win, Cummins expressed, “I think that’s the pinnacle of international cricket, winning a one-day Cricket World Cup, especially over here in India, in front of a crowd like this.”

10. Team Over Self

Ever the team player, Cummins humbly credited others for securing the title. His leadership style emphasizes collective success over individual glory.


In the heart of Ahmedabad, Pat Cummins scripted a tale of triumph against the odds. This Cricket World Cup victory not only adds another accolade to Australia’s cricketing history but solidifies Cummins’ stature as a leader par excellence. His strategic brilliance, coupled with the team’s exceptional performance, etches this win as one of the great moments in Cricket World Cup history.


1. How did Pat Cummins become the captain of the Australian cricket team?

Pat Cummins became captain after Tim Paine’s resignation following a sex scandal, thrusting him into the role unexpectedly.

2. What made Cummins’ captaincy unique in the Cricket World Cup final?

Cummins’ tactical brilliance, including 22 bowling switches, strategically outclassed other captains, restricting India’s batting lineup.

3. Why is Cummins’ Cricket World Cup win considered the pinnacle of international cricket?

For Cummins, winning a one-day Cricket World Cup, especially in India, in front of a passionate crowd, surpasses other cricketing achievements.

4. How did Travis Head contribute to Australia’s Cricket World Cup victory?

Travis Head’s superb century, scoring 137 runs in 120 balls, played a pivotal role in chasing down the target of 241 runs in the Cricket World Cup final.

5. What impact did Australia’s victory have on the Indian crowd and Prime Minister Modi?

Australia’s victory, with seven overs to spare, embarrassed the dominant Indian team and gatecrashed their celebration in front of 93,000 fans, leading to an awkward trophy handover by Prime Minister Modi.