Schedule of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

  • The Schedule of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, which is the jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, spans from July 20 to August 20, 2023. This ninth edition of the tournament for women’s national football teams features a unique arrangement with multiple host nations and encompasses different confederations. Australia, representing the Asian Confederation, and New Zealand, from the Oceanian Confederation, will welcome teams from around the world. The expanded format includes 32 teams, up from the previous 24, mirroring the structure of the men’s World Cup. The opening match, set to take place on July 20,, 2023, at Eden Park in Auckland, will feature a thrilling encounter between New Zealand and Norway. The tournament will culminate with the highly anticipated final on August 20, 2023, held at the Sydney Olympic Stadium in Australia. Defending champions, the United States, aim to secure their third consecutive title after triumphing in the 2015 and 2019 editions.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Groups

The Schedule of the FIFA Women’s World Cup are done in form of Groups. 32 Teams playing in following groups

The FIFA World Cup has completed its qualification process. The United States, who are current world champions, have been placed in Group E. They will compete against the Netherlands, Portugal, and Vietnam in the group stage. Meanwhile, England, the European champions, have been placed in Group D alongside China, Denmark, and Haiti.

Now that all the teams have been confirmed, here are the groups and detail schedule for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Schedule:- Matchday 1

DateMatchTime (UTC)GroupLocation
Jul 20, 2023New Zealand v Norway08:00Group AEden Park
Jul 20, 2023Australia v Republic of Ireland11:00Group BStadium Australia
Jul 20, 2023Nigeria v Canada03:30Group BMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Jul 21, 2023,Philippines v Switzerland06:00Group ADunedin Stadium
Jul 21, 2023Spain v Costa Rica08:30Group CWellington Regional Stadium
Jul 22, 2023United States v Vietnam02:00Group EEden Park
Jul 22, 2023Zambia v Japan08:00Group CWaikato Stadium
Jul 22, 2023England v Haiti10:30Group DBrisbane Stadium
Jul 22, 2023Denmark v China13:00Group DPerth Rectangular Stadium
Jul 23, 2023Sweden v South Africa06:00Group GWellington Regional Stadium
Jul 23, 2023Netherlands v Portugal08:30Group EDunedin Stadium
Jul 23, 2023France v Jamaica13:00Group FSydney Football Stadium
Jul 24, 2023Italy v Argentina07:00Group GEden Park
Jul 24, 2023Germany v Morocco09:30Group HMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
Jul 24, 2023Brazil v Panama12:30Group FHindmarsh Stadium
Jul 25, 2023Colombia v South Korea03:00Group HSydney Football Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Schedule :- Matchday 2

DateMatchTime (UTC)GroupLocation
25 Jul, 2023New Zealand v Philippines06:30Group AWellington Regional Stadium
25 Jul, 2023Switzerland v Norway09:00Group AWaikato Stadium
26 Jul, 2023Spain v Zambia08:30Group CEden Park
26Jul, 2023Japan v Costa Rica06:00Group CDunedin Stadium
26 Jul, 2023,Canada v Republic of Ireland13:00Group BPerth Rectangular Stadium
27 Jul, 2023USA v Netherlands02:00Group EWellington Regional Stadium
27 Jul, 2023Portugal v Vietnam08:30Group EWaikato Stadium
27 Jul, 2023Australia v Nigeria11:00Group BBrisbane Stadium
28 Jul, 2023England v Denmark09:30Group DSydney Football Stadium
28 Jul, 2023Argentina v South Africa01:00Group GDunedin Stadium
28 Jul, 2023China v Haiti12:30Group DHindmarsh Stadium
29 Jul, 2023Sweden v Italy08:30Group GWellington Regional Stadium
29 Jul, 2023France v Brazil11:00Group FBrisbane Stadium
29 Jul, 2023Panama v Jamaica13:30Group FPerth Rectangular Stadium
30 Jul, 2023Germany v Colombia10:30Group HEden Park
30 Jul, 2023South Korea v Morocco11:00Group HHindmarsh Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Schedule:- Matchday 3

DateMatchTime (CET)GroupLocation
30 July, 2023Norway v Philippines08:00Group AEden Park
30 July, 2023Switzerland v New Zealand08:00Group ADunedid Stadium
31 July, 2023Canada v Australia11:00Group BMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
31 July, 2023Japan v Spain08:00Group CWellington Regional Stadium
31 July, 2023Costa Rica v Zambia08:00Group CWaikato Stadium
31 July, 2023Republic of Ireland v Nigeria11:00Group BBrisbane Stadium
1 Aug, 2023Portugal v USA08:00Groun EEden Park
1 Aug, 2023Vietnam v Netherlands08:00Group EDunedid Stadium
1 Aug, 2023Haiti v Denmark12:00Group DPerth Rectangular Stadium
1 Aug, 2023China v England11:30Group DHindmarsh Stadium
2 Aug, 2023Panama v France11:00Group FSydney Football Stadium
2 Aug, 2023Jamaica v Brazil11:00Group FMelbourne Rectangular Stadium
2 Aug, 2023South Africa v Italy08:00Group GWellington Regional Stadium
2 Aug, 2023Argentina v Sweden08:00Group GWaikato Stadium
3 Aug, 2023South Korea v Germany11:00Group HBrisbane Stadium
3 Aug, 2023Morocco v Colombia07:00Group HPerth Rectangular Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule:-Round of 16

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
5 Aug, 2023Group A Winner v Group C Runner-up06:00RO16 1Eden Park
5 Aug, 2023Group C Winner v Group A Runner-up09:00RO16 2Wellington Regional Stadium
6 Aug, 2023Group E Winner v Group G Runner-up03:00RO16 3Sydney Football Stadium
6 Aug, 2023Group G Winner v Group E Runner-up10:00RO16 4Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
7 Aug, 2023Group D Winner v Group B Runner-up08:30RO16 6Brisbane Stadium
7 Aug, 2023Group B Winner v Group D Runner-up11:30RO16 5Stadium Australia, Sydney
8 Aug, 2023Group H Winner v Group F Runner-up09:00RO16 8Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
8 Aug, 2023Group F Winner v Group H Runner-up12:00RO16 7Hindmarsh Stadium

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule:- Quarter Finals

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
11 Aug, 2023RO16 2 v RO16 408:30QF BWellington Regional Stadium
11 Aug, 2023RO16 1 v RO16 302:00QF AEden Park
12 Aug, 2023RO16 5 v RO16 708:00QF CBrisbane Stadium
12 Aug, 2023RO16 6 v RO16 812:30QF DStadium Australia

FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule:- Semi-Final

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
15 Aug, 2023QF A v QF B09:00Semi-final 1Eden Park
16 Aug, 2023QF C v QF D11:00Semi-final 2Stadium Australia

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 schedule:- Final

DateMatchTime (UTC)FixtureLocation
19 Aug, 2023Losers: SF A vs SF B11:00Third place play-offLang Park, Brisbane
20 Aug, 2023Winners: SF A vs SF B09:00FinalStadium Australia, Sydney

Prize Money and Equality of FIFA cup

The prize money for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 has significantly increased compared to the previous tournament in 2019. The aim is to achieve equal rewards for both men’s and women’s competitions by 2027. All 32 qualifying teams will receive a guaranteed amount of US$1,560,000 (AU$2,334,000).

The winning nation will be awarded US$4,290,000 (AU$6,420,000). Here is a breakdown of the prize money for each stage of the tournament:

  • Group stage: Each team will receive US$1,560,000 (AU$2,334,000).
  • Round of 16: Teams reaching this stage will earn US$1,870,000 (AU$2,798,000).
  • Quarter-finals: Teams advancing to the quarter-finals will be awarded US$2,180,000 (AU$3,261,000).
  • Fourth place: The team finishing in fourth place will receive US$2,455,000 (AU$3,673,000).
  • Third place: The team finishing in third place will be awarded US$2,610,000 (AU$3,905,000).
  • Runners-up: The team finishing as runners-up will earn US$3,015,000 (AU$4,510,000).
  • Champions: The winning team will receive the highest prize money of US$4,290,000 (AU$6,420,000).

These prize amounts demonstrate the commitment to providing increased rewards and promoting equality in women’s football.

Where to Watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

Football enthusiasts worldwide can witness the exhilarating matches of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 through various broadcasting channels.

  • In the United Kingdom, BBC and ITV will provide live coverage of the tournament.
  • Streaming services ITVX and iPlayer will also offer options for streaming the matches.
  • In the United States, Fox and Fox Sports will broadcast all the games, while Telemundo will provide Spanish-language coverage.
  • In Australia, Seven Network and Optus Sport will televise the matches, ensuring fans can catch the action live.

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